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For a greater efficiency in your dispute resolution

Ardentěr advises you on the implementation of global strategies aimed at the efficient resolution of complex disputes, in particular in the field of asset tracing and recovery and international crime.

Ardentěr bases its activity on close collaboration with its clients, as well as on an in-depth understanding of the legal, commercial and reputational needs and issues specific to each dispute.

Our asset recovery activity stands on the three pillars of economic and financial crime, cross-border insolvency and enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitral awards.


Its expertise on ESG norms and standards also makes it an active stakeholder in the fight against the most heinous international crimes.


With an international network of lawyers and experts, as well as a deep understanding of international organisations and NGOs, we implement, coordinate and monitor the legal teams involved in your proceedings.


As a law firm based in Geneva, we represent your interests before Swiss Courts and authorities.


We assist creditors, foreign insolvency office holders and persons affected by economic and international crimes.


Ardentěr was founded in October 2021 by Antonia Mottironi, a Swiss qualified lawyer. Silvia Palomba joined the firm in June 2023 as partner.

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