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Asset Recovery

Cross-border insolvency — recognition of foreign insolvency decrees, legal representation before bankruptcy offices, ordinary courts and FINMA

Enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitral awards —  judgments from Lugano Convention States or third States, arbitral awards deriving from commercial disputes or from international investment arbitration

 civil attachments, debt collection and bankruptcy proceedings

Conservatory measures and litigation support — 

Protection of assets and evidence located in Switzerland

— international mutual assistance in civil matters for assets and evidence located abroad

Litigation Management

Litigation strategy —  multidisciplinary and multi-jurisdictional analysis of risks and opportunities from a legal, commercial, human and financial perspective 


Choice, establishment and monitoring of litigation teams in Switzerland and abroad – investigations, forensic experts, foreign or advisory law firms, litigation funding


Legal advice and opinions on litigation matters —  identification of competent jurisdictions, applicable law and legal remedies available

Business Crime

Criminal proceedings regarding crimes against property  representation of persons affected by economic crime, including insolvency office holders — representation before law enforcement authorities and cantonal and federal criminal courts


Corporate criminal responsibility — financial and operational sanctions and reputational damages of an organisation arising from wrongdoings of its company officers

International mutual assistance in criminal matters — including cooperation agreements with the EU and the US on mutual assistance

International Disputes

ESG litigation — disputes relating to human rights, environment, labour rights, corruption and corporate governance

Business legal strategy — analysis of litigation risks associated to violations of national and international ESG standards and legislation


Anti-corruption and bribery —

representation of State-owned and private companies affected by corruption and bribery

— repatriation of assets

International criminal law — proceedings before Swiss and international courts and tribunals for the most heinous crimes, including genocide and crimes against humanity

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